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One in every five children suffers eczema, skin disease

14 September 2019 13:11

ISTANBUL. KAZINFORM Every one child out of five suffers from eczema, and skin disease, which is highly related to genetic factors, according to an expert.

Speaking on the occasion of the European Atopic Eczema Awareness Day on Sept. 14, Dr. Emel Bulbul Baskan, a board member of Psoriasis Association, told Anadolu Agency that eczema is one of the most common non-infectious skin problems globally, Anadolu Agency reports.

«One in every five children in the world is struggling with eczema. The presence of atopic dermatitis [eczema] raises twice or thrice if either mother or father has the disease, and it raises 3 to 5 times if both parents have it,» Baskan said.

Baskan stressed that there is no unique test to identify the disease and a detailed examination must be carried out on patient's skin.

«Eczema can cause depression, anxiety, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder in children,» she said.

«Itching is an important feature, especially at night and sweating increases severely,» she added.

«Color change around the eye, extra lines under the eye, increase in palm lines, dry skin, pale parts in the middle of the face, rough appearance on the shoulders and arms, and white spots on the cheeks are other symptoms of the disease,» Baskan said.

Baskan said eczema is not a contagious disease and its ability to be seen among the same family members is explained by genetic transition.

Food allergy -- including milk, eggs, peanuts, wheat, nuts, soy, fish and shellfish -- can trigger eczema in children, Baskan said adding that it should be examined by an allergy specialist.

«Otherwise, different health problems may arise with unnecessary and excessive diets in developmental children,» she added.

Baskan said house dust mites along with pet hair can also trigger the disease.

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