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Register to participate in World Radio Day in Central Asia

10 December 2019 19:14

ALMATY. KAZINFORM Join us in celebrating the World Radio Day with streaming and community media, as well as journalism universities and Media NGOs.

The theme of the year 2020: Radio and Diversity, the official website of the Almaty UNESCO Cluster Office reads.

Commercial and state-owned radio stations will be broadcasting the celebration by inviting experts on intercultural communications to discuss cultural traditions and heritage on 14 February 2020.

Along with that, students of journalism universities will conduct multilingual broadcasts on student radio, discuss the contribution of students from other faculties in the development of their countries, and share multimedia content on social networks.

Community Radios SuusamyrFM and Bakai-AtaFM will organize a number of live broadcasting on the theme.

The theme of 2020 is Radio and Diversity.

Radio serves diverse audiences, offering a wide variety of programs and content. Radio should reflect the diversity of communities in its workforce and operations. It can also provide equal opportunities for all to speak out and be represented; it can act as a platform for everyone to hear and learn from a diverse range of sources. Radio is a powerful medium for celebrating humanity and its diversity

Diversity in the newsroom

With equal opportunity policies, according to which everyone should be treated fairly irrespective of their gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, age, social and socio-economic status etc., radio stations enhance equal access to broadcasting for individuals from different backgrounds. A diverse and representative radio workforce is not only important for idea generation and innovation, it is crucial for countering discrimination and ensuring genuine representation.

Diversity in programming

Through diverse means of transmission, various organizational structures, programming formats and contents, radio reaches vast areas and opens up discussion spaces for a multitude of topics. Featuring a variety of subject matter, languages, music, invited guests, and cited sources, etc., radio can portray, engage and reflect the diversity of humanity, thus fostering respect, inclusion and solidarity.


If you represent a radio or media organization, please share how you will celebrate the day by filling out the form available here in Russian.

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