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Chile urges workforce to get COVID-19 booster shot due to rise in cases

2022 жылдың 27 мамыр 2022 20:44

SANTIAGO. KAZINFORM - Chile's government on Thursday called on workers across sectors to get their fourth shot against COVID-19 and urged employers to make it easier for them to do so, Xinhua reports.

The law allows workers to request permission to get vaccinated during working hours, as established in the Labor Code in force since 2021, Minister of Labor and Social Welfare Jeannette Jara said at a press conference.

«For us it is very important that people get vaccinated with their fourth dose,» said Jara, adding that workers should notify employers two days in advance to get the permit.

In face of a COVID-19 resurgence in Chile, vaccination centers in the country have had to extend their operating hours since the government announced it would not validate people's COVID-19 passports starting June 1 unless they had received their fourth dose.

The passports allow entry to restaurants, bars and other public venues.

To date, Chile has applied 20.8 million booster shots to those aged above three.

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