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Kazakh students eager to learn Farsi language: Scholar

2021 жылдың 11 қазан 2021 22:18

TEHRAN. KAZINFORM - Iran's cultural attache in Kazakhstan, Ali Akbar Talebi Matin met with the head of the Faculty of International Relations at Eurasia National University, Miras Qasubayev, IRNA reports.

In this meeting, Talebieh Matin, appreciating the continuous joint cooperation of Iran and Kazakhstan, said: «In recent years, Iran's Cultural Attache has had good cooperation with Eurasia University in various fields.»

He added: «Iran's cultural attache is ready to send a university teacher of Farsi Language from Iran to Kazakhstan and the students who are interested in Farsi Language if necessary, and to send university teacher of Eurasia University to the Islamic Republic of Iran to use the study opportunity.»

Iran's cultural attache in Kazakhstan in the meeting said that we believe that with serious will and the implementation of joint programs, both sides can make a serious change in the field of Farsi Language education in the region.«

Referring to the Muslim people of the two countries, as well as the proximity of Iran and Kazakhstan and the common water borders, the existence of common points of view such as peace and avoidance of conflict and the existence of cultures close to each other, he said: both sides can change the potentials to real capacity and in this regard, Iran is ready for any kind of cooperation.

»Kazakhstan's youth have always been very interested in Farsi Language and literature, and we hope to increase the number of students in the Farsi language department through active bilateral interactions,« said the dean of the Faculty of International Relations at Eurasia University for his part.

He added: «Since the establishment of the Iranology Chamber in this university, the Faculty of International Relations has always been interested and eager to develop its relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran in all fields.«

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