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Over 2,000 new COVID-19 cases recorded in Almaty

2022 жылдың 21 қаңтар 2022 15:18

ALMATY. KAZINFORM 2,057 new coronavirus cases were detected in Almaty over the past 24 hours, 2,118 were administered the 1st jab of the coronavirus vaccine, Kazinform reports.

As of January 20, there were recorded 2,057 (local) cases, including 1,866 symptomatic and 191 asymptomatic cases. 141 were discharged from hospitals, while 253 were admitted. 1,350, including 187 kids, are staying in the COVID-1 hospitals. 71 are in the intensive care units, the healthcare department reports.

10,185 patients re monitored by the mobile brigades and telemedicine centre.

2,218 people were given the 1st jab of the COVID-19 vaccine, 1,978 received both.

Since February 1, 2021 up to January 2022, some 1,096,040 people were administered the 1st jab of the COVID-19 vaccine, 1,042,772 were fully vaccinated. Out of which 123,885 are people aged 60 and older.

35,909 people were given the Pfizer vaccine. 1,953 of them are pregnant women, 7,652 nursing moms, 26,304 are children and teens.

There are 119 vaccination sites in the city.

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