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Above 13,000 recognized jobless in Almaty since Jan

2022 jyldyń 16 mamyr 2022 20:49

ALMATY. KAZINFORM «Since the beginning of the year 17,261 people applied for the Almaty city employment centre. 13,460 of them were recognized jobless,» director of the centre Dilyara Imankulova told a briefing at the regional communications service.

She added that this year there was launched the 2021-2025 entrepreneurship development national project. One of its directions is occupational training of job seekers. It is targeted to educate 1,002 people in 25 professions. Besides, another project was launched to train the unemployed on the job.

Dilyara Imankulova reminded that this year it is supposed to allocate 950 grants worth KZT 1,225,200 for first-time entrepreneurs for their new ideas and boost the labor market by promoting employment.

Earlier at the Government meeting, PM Alikhan Smailov charged to provide the population with short-time training.

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