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Almaty Mayor surveys readiness of COVID hospitals for a surge in patients

2022 jyldyń 21 qańtar 2022 20:17

ALMATY. KAZINFORM Almaty Mayor Bakhytzhan Sagintayev surveyed the readiness of the COVID hospitals for a surge in coronavirus patients, Kazinform reports.

The Mayor visited today the Zhekenova infectious diseases hospital branch. 199 coronavirus patients are staying there as of now. 21 of them in the intensive care unit. There 500 COVID-19 beds, 45 ICU beds in the hospital at large.

Besides, the Mayor visited city clinical hospitals #12 and #7.

As of January 20, the city registered 2,057 coronavirus cases, including 1,866 symptomatic. 1,350 coronavirus patients are staying in the hospitals, including 187 kids. 71 are in the intensive are units.

There are 9,430 COVID-19 beds, 730 ICU beds in the city in a total. As of now 3,310 beds are occupied.

Besides, 10,188 people in the city are monitored by the mobile brigades and telemedicine centre as of today. Between January 1 and 20 the number of new cases grew 20fold.

Next the Mayor visited the city vaccine store room at hospital #7. It has 207,722 doses of Sinophram vaccine, 176,349 doses of QazVac, and 254,782 doses of the Pfizer vaccine.

2,218 locals were given the 1st jab, 1,978 the 2nd over the past 24 hours.

Following his visits the Mayor assigned to continue measures to maintain sanitary and epidemiological safety, speed vaccination and revaccination rates.

As earlier reported, the city remains in the CIVID-19 ‘red zone’.

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