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Commemorative coin dedicated to Kazakhstan's 30th independence anniversary presented in Istanbul

2021 jyldyń 17 qyrkúıek 2021 22:00

ISTANBUL. KAZINFORM - Commemorative coin dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Kazakhstan's independence was presented in Istanbul. The event was attended by Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Turkey Abzal Saparbekuly, Consul General of Kazakhstan in Istanbul Alim Bayel, Director of the Turkish State Mint Abdullah Yasir Şahin, representatives of academia and media, Kazinform has learnt from the Kazakh Embassy in Turkey.

Consul General Alim Bayel noted that the design of the silver coin was developed jointly with the Turkish State Mint, and reflects Kazakhstan’s rich history and its role as the heart of the Turkic world. Special focus was placed on the Turkic Khaganate and Golden Horde, empires, to whom Kazakhstan considers itself to be a successor.

Ambassador Abzal Saparbekuly stated that the coin is a special gift of brotherly Turkey for the anniversary of Kazakh independence and a token of Turkey's deep appreciation for Kazakhstan.

In his turn, Abdullah Yasir Şahin said that the history of the State Mint of the Republic of Turkey, which he heads, dates back to 1467, and added that it was a great pleasure for them to present such a gift for the 30th anniversary of Kazakhstan's independence.

The obverse of the coin depicts the national flag of Kazakhstan and the inscription «30 years of Independence of Kazakhstan» in Turkish. In the middle of the reverse is a map of Kazakhstan. «Qazaqstan», the country’s name written in the new Latin-based Kazakh alphabet is the centerpiece of the map. The names of some of historical states once located on the Kazakh soil are also engraved in Turkish inside the map. Namely, these are: the Sakas, Huns, Turkic Khaganate, Golden Horde and Kazakh Khanate. At the top of the back face engraved in old Turkic script of the Orkhon-Yenisei monuments is the word «Turk». The lower part is embellished with «ram horns», a traditional ornament common to many Turkic peoples.

The coin’s nominal value is determined to be 30 Turkish liras, although, containing some 31 grams of silver, its actual value is much higher. A. Bayel noted that coins of this type normally bear a face value of 20 liras, but Turkey made an exception for Kazakhstan to celebrate the 30th anniversary of its independence.

The commemorative coin will go on sale on the official website of the Turkish State Mint in a few days. Abzal Saparbekuly and Alim Bayel expressed their confidence that the limited edition coin will be of great interest to domestic, Turkish and world collectors.

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